Update on Charlottesville Stormwater Utility Fee Planning

Rainwater Harvesting - Burnley-Moran ES - CharlottesvilleThe credits and incentive program is a great opportunity for not only commercial land owners and developers, but for residential home owners and non-profit property owners  to reduce their stormwater utility fee.  The best part is: improvements made, which are eligible for a credit or incentive, are environmentally the right thing to do-helping to protect the Chesapeake Bay and the waterways from Charlottesville to the Bay.  City staff are committed to working with property owners to inform and assist.  Teaming with the  Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District staff will broaden the outreach.

To read more about the City’s recent luncheon presentation to a group representing the James River Green Building Council (JRGBC) please follow the link below:

How do you feel the CIty is doing communicating to it’s citizens and collaborating with all stakeholder groups?