Tim Cretney: Our New CFO!

Draper Aden Associates

Introducing our new Chief Financial Officer…

Tim Cretney wanted to be an airline pilot when he grew up. He wanted to fly a multi-million dollar machine weighing over 800 tons through the air… and the cap was pretty cool. Now he finds himself wearing a lot of hats… something the ever-changing profile of a Chief Financial Officer now demands or success. Moving past the traditional finance role to support business strategy, execution and growth is a must. According to our new CFO, “the position will support the strategic plan of the company established by the leadership team. This will include the support of investment in employee growth, new technology, and market growth.”

One duty hasn’t changed, however, and that’s one of stewardship. Tim has the experience and knowledge to maintain the stewardship of the firm’s finances, i.e. the delivery of accurate numbers, internal control, reporting and compliance while also focusing on the wider issues.

Accountant, general manager, treasurer,  controller, and CFO are a few of the many hats Tim has worn over the years. When we went looking for a new CFO we knew we had to find someone who could balance duties …dare I say it?…at the drop of a hat. Tim is our guy.

Tim Cretney