The World Below: DAA Acquires ATS International, a Geophysical Services Company


Whether it’s identifying high yield waters sources, marking hidden archaeological interests, mapping bedrock for a construction site, or detecting underground storage tanks, our newest team can save clients from future headaches.

Subsurface voids/structures, 2D bedrock surface maps, time-domain EM, karst studies, slope stability, shear wave testing, seismic surveying: sounds like a list of topics in a college geophysics class. Actually they are! But they’re also services that offer a look underground. In other words, finding out about the world below before moving that first shovelful of dirt.



Being able to obtain physical information on earth and manmade materials without having to take a physical sample (also called non-destructive testing), can allow your project to proceed with confidence.  It reduces uncertainty by eliminating surprises like unknown voids and water sources. It also saves money.  A Penn State study estimated that on average $1 spent on geophysics at the beginning of a project saved $7 in total project costs.




With these factors in mind Draper Aden Associates strengthened our already formidable set of geotechnical services and added more by acquiring Advanced Technical Services International. Ted Dean, PG, and colleagues Chris Printz, Johanna Vaughan, and Ethan Truman bring a combined 41 years of experience in geophysical services to our Blacksburg office. Their expertise in geophysical methods reduces uncertainties and minimizes surprises in civil engineering projects, environmental matters, structural engineering, and common construction concerns.

Saving money, preventing problems, keeping a project on or ahead of schedule…who doesn’t like that?

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