The Impact of Supporting Industry Associations

At Draper Aden, we’re proud to say that our team is involved in more than 65 trade and industry associations. As part of our mission to leave a lasting, positive impact, we believe that it’s important to share our insight and expertise with others.


For a sense of the variety of associations our employees belong to, here are a few examples:



Leading the Way


Our team is active in a wide array of industry sectors at every level. Aside from being active members, many of our employees volunteer their time by serving on committees for these associations and taking leadership positions to help guide industry members in Virginia and North Carolina and at the national level.



Shaping the future


As experts in our fields, and as engineers with analytical perspectives, we are well equipped to support these associations. They unite us around best practices, shared ethics, and common causes.


Part of supporting these organizations includes advocating for those sectors. For example, during this year’s Virginia General Assembly, we were represented by multiple team members participating in legislative receptions and industry days.


Below are a few groups that our employees worked with this year:

  • Virginia Chamber of Commerce
  • Virginia Association of Counties and Virginia Municipal League
  • Center for Rural Virginia
  • Virginia Association of Planning District Commissions
  • Virginia Waste Industry Association
  • Virginia Manufacturing Association
  • Unmanned Systems Association of Virginia



Leaving a Lasting Positive Impact


We’re proud of our team for their continued support of the industries we serve. We all benefit from their efforts through reasonable and responsive regulation and legislation. Many thanks to all of our team members for their involvement in trade associations and commitment to shaping the future of our industries.


Working together, we will leave a lasting, positive impact.