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VT Stormwater Challenges Are Not Unlike VA Stormwater Challenges

As a "Bay State", Virginia is somewhat unique in the challenges that we face related to stormwater management. The watershed where we live and preservation of the Chesapeake Bay are a critical component of our daily lives and our future. Virginia is one of six (6) states (in addition to Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia) whose area comprises the more than 64,000 square miles of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Assessing, planning, funding and implementing appropriate programs for Virginia has been something that legisalators, professionals, activists and the general public have been debating for years. And in the current economy as our General Assembly prepares to convene it 2012 Session, the debate will continue. The interview which follows highlights many of the same challenges that states outside of the Chesapeake Bay have with stormwater management and the Clean Water Act - namely that funding stormwater programs and wastewater infrastructure...

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