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Great Resource for UST Owners

There are new updates coming out of the DEQ SRR Program. If you are an owner and/or operator of a UST facility in Virginia you can use TurboTank to assist you. Read more about TurboTank in this post from the Virginia DEQ Petroleum Program News: TurboTank is DEQ’s online Self Certification System for regulated underground storage tanks (USTs). There are approximately 18,000 active USTs at about 6,000 UST facilities in Virginia. Turbotank is designed for the owners and operators of regulated UST facilities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Turbotank is a helpful tool to assist you, as a UST owner or operator, in learning about UST pollution prevention requirements as they may pertain to your particular UST facility. The UST Program seeks to prevent USTs from leaking by asking owners to maintain tank spill prevention, tank overfill protection, corrosion protection on tanks and piping, release detection for tanks and piping, operator training...

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Stormwater Impairs Much of Central Virginia’s Rivanna River Basin

There was both good news and bad news in a report issued last week by the area non-profit StreamWatch. In the Streamwatch report the percentage of failing streams hasn’t changed much compared with surveys of years past. Nearly 3/4 of the streams examined in the StreamWatch report were found to have water quality levels below those set by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. The report was issued to expand upon the correlation between land use and stream health. Experts already understand that streams that aren’t surrounded by adequate stormwater management systems and buffers of undeveloped land are subject to increased levels of stormwater runoff, carrying pollutants from parking lots, rooftops and streets. Getting this news out to the broader public and local policy makers is a goal of the group. The study was funded by the City of Charlottesville, the counties of Albemarle and Fluvanna, the Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority,...

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Regulatory Revisions Still Underway

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) began evaluating amendments to the Eastern Virginia Ground Water (GW) Management Area Regulation and the Ground Water Withdrawal Regulation in September 2009. This process began when new information about declining ground water levels in parts of the Coastal Plain of Virginia became known. Ground water levels in parts of eastern Virginia have declined to the point they are nearing aquifer tops. Withdrawing ground water to the point that it falls below the top of the aquifer can impair the aquifer’s ability to store water in the future, potentially impact existing water usage and future growth, and create ground subsidence. The DEQ created a Regulatory Advisory Panel (RAP) consisting of 20 persons from the public and private sectors, which met with DEQ Water Resources Management staff seven times between September 18, 2009 and April 1, 2010. Ground water supply issues important to managing the Virginia Coastal Plain aquifer...

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