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Meet our Virginia Beach Team Members

Draper Aden Associates recently expanded our presence in Hampton Roads and opened an office in Virginia Beach. The new office is located at 109 S. Lynnhaven Road in the Widgeon Professional Center. The Virginia Beach office will provide multidisciplinary services and adds five new team members. Collectively, they have over 100 years of experience providing innovative and multidisciplinary engineering and consulting services. Joining DAA in Virginia Beach: David Barton Director of Aerial Services Surveying and SUE Division A proven leader and innovator with unmanned aerial systems (UAS), also referred to as drones, David will become DAA’s Director of Aerial Services. A native of Chesapeake, he has worked closely with the federal government, military, and private companies on a wide variety of technology, scanning, and UAS/drone projects. Email David at:       Robert Erwin, LS Survey Team Leader Surveying and SUE Division Hired at DAA in 2012 Rob specializes in surveying, including the management of GPS and UTS machine control systems. Most recently with Branscome, he has worked...

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Virginia Beach’s Lynnhaven River – Progress In the Making

Reducing the discharge of pollutants  to our waterways does result in a revitalization of the associated ecosystems.  That progress can seem slow; however, since the pollutants were released over several decades the cleanup will likely require a similar timeframe.  Implementation of the Chesapeake Bay TMDL will address the release of nitrates, phosphorous and sediment to the Bay from both point and nonpoint sources.  The following article discusses the Lynnhaven River and notes that visible progress can be made in less than a decade.  Compliance with the Bay TMDL will present difficult choices and potential for increased expenditures.   When compliance results in visible progress at the scale of the Bay and elsewhere throughout Virginia, similar to that seen locally on the Lynnhaven River, then the cost/benefit will become more palatable.  The complexity of the Bay ecosystem and the uncertainties associated with the model used to evaluate the health of the Bay and the...

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Virginia Beach Officials Consider Increase to Stormwater Fee

The City of Virginia Beach, in an effort to both respond to a projected budget shortfall and a need to protect existing infrastructure and be sustainable stewards of the environment has suggested that it may be necessary to increase the City's stormwater fee over the next three years. The proposal introduced to City Council this Tuesday outlines how the fee increase will allow the City to continue to maintain and improve its current systems and be in a better position to respond to and act upon the $238 million backlog of stormwater projects. A comprehensive article from the Virginian-Pilot (Pilot Online) can be found at the following link:

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A Perspective on Stormwater Utilities

In a recent opinion letter to the Richmond Times Dispatch, former Secretary of Natural Resources, L. Preston Bryant Jr. highlighted the critical role that localities play in the efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay. Controlling runoff from agricultural land, improving sewage treatment plant discharge, and urban stormwater runoff are the three primary contributors to the bay pollution. Mr. Bryant indicates that implementing a stormwater utility has been and will continue to be a method for localities to deal with this concern. Having worked with the City of Staunton, Virginia on the implementation of their stormwater utility, I can attest to one of the big challenges that Mr. Bryant brings up in his article, namely, that they are not popular with the public. As seen through stories, of both successes and failures, from municipalities in Virginia and throughout the country, public education is the primary key in implementing and maintaining a...

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