Local Stormwater Management Programs: Message to Local Governments from DCR, “START NOW”

The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) is conducting a series of outreach sessions across the Commonwealth to facilitate rollout of the new stormwater regulations and to provide additional information and guidance on development of Local Stormwater Management Programs now required under the current law and regulation. While much has been accomplished and DCR’s tools and guidance are evolving and becoming more readily available, there is still much to be undertaken by many localities to implement the new stormwater regulations. One thing remains clear: The clock is ticking and the message from DCR is - “Start Now!!" One important clarification from these sessions … July 1, 2014 has been widely publicized as the implementation date for Local Government Stormwater management programs. This date however assumes a 12 month extension from the original deadline of June 2013 as allowed under the regulations. Several administrative steps must be followed in order for localities to be granted...

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Virginia Stormwater Regulations Approved – Now What?

Prior to the Memorial Day holiday (May 24th to be exact), the Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board unanimously adopted the revised stormwater regulations. The new regs have been seven years in the making, so the uncertainty and speculation that has surrounded this process is finally behind us. The new rules require increased levels of stormwater quality and quantity control to  "benefit water quality throughout the state," said David Dowling, policy and planning director for the state Department of Conservation and Recreation. The new rules should not take effect until October. The regs represent a compromise between those changes being advocated by both the development community and environmentalists. The complete Regulations are located on DCR's web site at  http://www.dcr.virginia.gov/lr2d.shtml Have you or your organization prepared for this moment? How will you change the way you look at and deal with stormwater as a result of these new regulations? Let us know your thoughts....

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