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Stormwater Utility Fee Now a Reality in Lynchburg

Citizens and business owners in the City of Lynchburg are having their first taste of the costs of cleaner stormwater. By paying a stormwater utility fee, property owners are seeing first hand the impact of regulatory changes intended to improve local water quality throughout the region and the Chesapeake Bay. While the new fee may be burdensome to some residents and businesses, this revenue source is one of the few options localities have to fund a sustainable program needed to comply with tightening regulations and truly have a meaningful impact on improving the quality of stormwater runoff reaching our streams, rivers, lakes, and the Bay. Like many localities across Virginia, and the country, Lynchburg is following a trend to implement stormwater utility fees as a means to generate the needed funds. Stormwater utility fees are seen as one of the fairest means to allocate this responsibility among government and property...

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Additional Stormwater Discussions on the Web

There are many individuals, organizations and companies that sponsor and contribute towards the online stormwater discussions not just in Virginia, but throughout the country. The Inlet was established to help sort through the pages upon pages and numerous forums out there. When we come across sources of news and information that demonstrate practical value to our readers or perspectives that push the thought process, we are pleased to introduce others to this information that we ourselves appreciate. Here is a new blog which has caught our attention on multiple occasions in recent days. is produced by Contech - a national manufacturer of civil engineering site products for drainage, erosion control, retaining wall, sanitary, soil stabilization and stormwater solutions. Click the link to read more about "The Economics of Stormwater Re-Use", "Why We Need a National BMP Evaluation Program" and others....

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