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More and More Communities Making it Easier to Conserve Rainwater

Recently, the Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District hosted a rain barrel workshop where local residents learned more about the benfits of rainwater harvesting not only towards rainwater/water conservation, but also how rain barrels can help homeowners to reduce their stormwater impact. Nicola McGoff with the TJSWCD  discussed the environmental benefits (of rain barrels) like saving energy and reducing stormwater runoff, which in turn reduces the amount of sediments, bacteria and chemicals carried into natural water sources during rainfalls. http://www2.nelsoncountytimes.com/news/nelson-news/2012/apr/25/rain-barrels-not-just-farmers-ar-1867924/ Is your community offering similar programs to help the environment and educate the citizenry?...

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Using Soil Compost Amendments to Improve Stormwater Management

Among the proposed BMPs in the Virginia BMP Clearinghouse is Number 4: Soil Compost Amendment. The intent of the measure is to deeply till compacted soils and restore their porosity by amending them with compost. Intuitively, this is a great idea. In my own experience on a small scale, a tilled topsoil layer, rich in organics, can accept a large amount of water. With my rain barrels at home, I can empty 40 gallons of water in 15 minutes into a landscape area less than 9 square feet. Also, I think most of us have seen that construction, particularly in tight sites, essentially destroys the existing soil structure that made it permeable. I think that this measure will see a lot of use when the new regulations go into effect, as it can be credited with as much as a 50% reduction in runoff volume and phosphorus. [caption id="attachment_340" align="alignleft" width="300"]...

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