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EPA to Virginia – “Refine Your Detailed Bay TMDL Plan…Or Else”

[caption id="attachment_696" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Shores of the James River"][/caption] It looks like the EPA will not be relinquishing their oversight of Virginia’s management of the Chesapeake Bay TMDL anytime soon. As noted in this (Staunton, Virginia) article, the EPA returned Virginia’s plan for the clean-up of the Bay with harsh criticism, a deadline of March 30th for resubmittal, and threats of federal action if  "EPA requests are ignored or deadlines missed." We’ll keep you posted on how the Commonwealth is dealing with the latest requirements of the EPA. Are we on the right path to success?

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How Will Virginia Stormwater TMDL’s Affect Virginia Colleges and Universities?

The Virginia TMDL implementation process is moving ahead. Planning District Commissions have forwarded requests to municipalities for data to be submitted by February, 2012, but state Colleges and Universities may not be fully included in this process. Often municipalities may submitt land cover data and BMP data on behalf of the institution without consultation or submit data without including the land area of these campuses. Either approach can leave the institution unrepresented in the process and may result in increased TMDL reduction allocations. The following is a summary of recent conversation with DCR on this topic: If a College or University has an MS4 permit, the institution will report compliance with TMDL directly to DCR. DCR is committed in concept to TMDL reductions as outlined in the Phase 1 Watershed Implementation Plan ( WIP 1) DCR should have actual reduction targets by early 2012., but will be close to WIP 1 targets as follows: 9% reduction – nitrogen 16% reduction –...

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What’s Happening with the Virginia Stormwater Management Program?

If you are trying to keep up with the latest changes associated with the draft Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) Permit Regulations Parts I, II and III (4 VAC 50-60) please read on for a concise summary of where the regulations currently stand. ◊  Proposed Implementation Schedule USEPA issued final Chesapeake TMDL on December 29, 2010. General Assembly requires new regulations 280 days from final Chesapeake Bay TMDL – October 7, 2011. Localities have no sooner than 15 months and not more than 21 months after regulations are effective to adopt new regulations  or provide 6 months’ notice for the request to turn review authority over to DCR. The following are the highlights of the latest DRAFT of the regulation regarding water quality and quantity control,   The draft regulation can be found at   Note:  These are subject to revision by the Regulatory Advisory Panel (RAP), DCR, and the General Assembly.   The next RAP meeting is...

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