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Finding Ways to Save on Stormwater Utility Fees

The intent of new stormwater utility fees being implemented by the City of Roanoke  is twofold: New Revenue Source - Stormwater utility fees will provide revenue to fund stormwater improvement projects. These projects are geared to correct past deficiencies (undersized conveyance systems and/or flooding problems) and/or to implement stormwater quality improvement projects throughout the City. These improvements are necessitated by the City’s  new municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) permit and the Virginia Stormwater Management Program regulations. Encourage Conservation Projects and Low Impact Development - Homeowners and businesses alike can implement best management practice (BMP) facilities on their property to mitigate the impact that development on their property has on local drainage areas and the entire watershed.. In an interview with Roanoke City engineer Phil Schirmer, he shares some of the ways that property owners can implement strategies to reduce their stormwater footprint and reduce the fee that they will pay to the City under new...

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What Do Stormwater and The Dead Poet’s Society Have in Common?

I recently came across a post on another stormwater blog which really struck a chord with me. Often, the challenges of dealing with more stringent demands for stormwater runoff (both quantity & quality), limited funding, and a disconnect between currently accepted stormwater management pratices and innovations being pursued by industry and engineers throughout the country. Robert Adair, President of Convergent Water Technologies shares his perspective on a recent Low Impact Development & Green Infrastructure program convened by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 3, and sponsored by the Low Impact Development Center. Read about how even Robin Williams can teach us something about stormwater management and the future of the Chesapeake Bay TMDL. http://www.convergentwater.com/stormwater-best-management-practices/bid/139333/Seizing-the-Day-and-a-New-Future-for-Stormwater-Management?goback=%2Egde_2570106_member_115983834...

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