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Employee Spotlight: John Hassler

At DAA we are overflowing with exceptional employees and each month we like to choose one to highlight. Check back at the beginning of every month to see who's in the spotlight! John Hassler Title: Network Administrator Division: IT Hometown: Boston, MA Birthday: May 12   What 3 words would you use to describe working at DAA? Stimulating, Innovative, Rewarding   Favorite thing about working at DAA? IT careers can become very specific and specialized. My favorite thing is that we (Draper Aden) are big enough that IT gets to do some really neat stuff, but we’re small enough that I get to play a big part in all of it.   In your experience here, is there a project that really stands out/was your favorite/was challenging? I have really enjoyed bringing the new offices online over the last couple of years. New towns, buildings, and people…..each office has provided some unique challenges.   Favorite quote or words of wisdom? “You’d be surprised at the number of problems a...

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