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Putting the LID on Stormwater Runoff

The following post is provided by guest blogger Thomas Powers, P.E., LEED AP, CFM, CPESC, A Project Manager with Wight & Company in Chicago Illinois and former colleague of The Inlet's Carolyn Howard. [caption id="attachment_688" align="alignleft" width="234" caption="Thomas Powers, PE, LEED AP, CFM, CPESC"][/caption] How many gallons of rain do you think falls each year on just one acre of land in Norfolk, Va.? Ten thousand? One hundred thousand? Would you believe more than one million? Unfortunately, most of that water isn’t absorbed by the land and instead becomes stormwater runoff, carrying debris, chemicals, sediment or other pollutants. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks urban runoff and storm-sewer discharges as the fourth most prevalent source of impairment of our lakes, streams and rivers. The current best practices in stormwater management is called low impact development (LID), which refers to a comprehensive land planning and engineering design approach that emphasizes conservation and the use of...

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Virginia Beach Officials Consider Increase to Stormwater Fee

The City of Virginia Beach, in an effort to both respond to a projected budget shortfall and a need to protect existing infrastructure and be sustainable stewards of the environment has suggested that it may be necessary to increase the City's stormwater fee over the next three years. The proposal introduced to City Council this Tuesday outlines how the fee increase will allow the City to continue to maintain and improve its current systems and be in a better position to respond to and act upon the $238 million backlog of stormwater projects. A comprehensive article from the Virginian-Pilot (Pilot Online) can be found at the following link:

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