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powhatan state park canoe launch

Exploring Virginia State Parks

Virginia’s state park system continues to respond to the needs of the public with the assistance of the engineering and design community, including Glenn Telfer, P.E. who has worked in at least 20 state parks over the years. Telfer’s work with Virginia State Parks started in 1996 at First Landing State Park designing the replacement of the sanitary pump station system that served more than 200 campsites. ...

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Family Friday: Geotechnical Engineering

This Family Friday blog is full of geotechnical engineering related activities. First, kids can help geotechnical engineering Joe find his way through mountain maze. Did you know that geotechnical engineers can plan the path of tunnels through mountains? Then, there is a soil layer information and activity sheet set from

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Employee Spotlight: Dan Anderson

At DAA we are overflowing with exceptional employees and each month we like to choose one to highlight. Check back at the beginning of every month to see who's in the spotlight! Dan Anderson, PE Title: Project Engineer Division: Geotechnical Engineering Alma Mater: Virginia Tech Hometown: Midlothian, VA Birthday: November 25 What 3 words would you use to describe working at DAA? Fun, exciting, and challenging   Favorite thing about working at DAA? I enjoy learning new things and methodologies. Others at DAA are experts in their respective fields and always willing to share their knowledge and experiences.   In your experience here, is there a project that really stands out/was your favorite/was challenging? My first few years at DAA were predominantly spent performing landfill construction quality assurance. Any project with large earthwork and heavy equipment has always interested me. The hands-on experience helped develop my understanding of construction and job-site processes.   Favorite quote or words of wisdom?   "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." [caption...

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