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What is a Watershed?

A watershed is an area of land where all of the water that drains off of it or is beneath it goes to the same place. Below is a video that describes this in more detail: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMy6x9Axivg&feature=related] video from patriciascott61...

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Draft of Revised Regulation Offered

On June 17, 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued the draft Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR). This new rule has several significant differences to the current Total Coliform Rule (TCR) which applies to all public water systems. The proposed changes are summarized below: • The standard for a maximum contaminant level (MCL) will now be based on E.coli rather than Total Coliform. This is because E. coli is a more specific indicator and Total Coliform can represent microorganisms that have no effect on human health. • The monitoring requirements on small systems and seasonal systems have increased to at least monthly in most instances. • The systems that have consistently good results will have reduced monitoring requirements; however, higher risk system will have increased monitoring requirements, which means more labor and more lab costs • If a positive routine sample is observed, the number of repeat samples required in the RTCR has been...

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Regulatory Revisions Still Underway

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) began evaluating amendments to the Eastern Virginia Ground Water (GW) Management Area Regulation and the Ground Water Withdrawal Regulation in September 2009. This process began when new information about declining ground water levels in parts of the Coastal Plain of Virginia became known. Ground water levels in parts of eastern Virginia have declined to the point they are nearing aquifer tops. Withdrawing ground water to the point that it falls below the top of the aquifer can impair the aquifer’s ability to store water in the future, potentially impact existing water usage and future growth, and create ground subsidence. The DEQ created a Regulatory Advisory Panel (RAP) consisting of 20 persons from the public and private sectors, which met with DEQ Water Resources Management staff seven times between September 18, 2009 and April 1, 2010. Ground water supply issues important to managing the Virginia Coastal Plain aquifer...

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