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Draper Aden Announces New Principal, Senior Associates, and Associates

  Since 1972, Draper Aden Associates’ success has been thanks in large part to our experienced and dedicated team members who leave a lasting positive impact on the communities we serve. Recognizing those that truly live our values, we are pleased to announce our newly elected principal, senior associates, and associates. These team member’s share our passion for solving complex engineering challenges; adopt our commitment to exceptional client service; and embody our vision for improving the world around us. New Principal David Spriggs, PE Division Manager Structural Division Hired at DAA in 2004 Dave has a broad background of experience in analysis and design of structural systems for industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings.  Much of his work has involved the alteration or addition to an existing building or facility, and consequently he is well versed in the complexities of integrating new structural elements into existing architectural and mechanical features. Most Influential Project: One of Dave's favorite projects was the Richmond International Airport Terminal Expansion. The...

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Employee Spotlight: Dan Anderson

At DAA we are overflowing with exceptional employees and each month we like to choose one to highlight. Check back at the beginning of every month to see who's in the spotlight! Dan Anderson, PE Title: Project Engineer Division: Geotechnical Engineering Alma Mater: Virginia Tech Hometown: Midlothian, VA Birthday: November 25 What 3 words would you use to describe working at DAA? Fun, exciting, and challenging   Favorite thing about working at DAA? I enjoy learning new things and methodologies. Others at DAA are experts in their respective fields and always willing to share their knowledge and experiences.   In your experience here, is there a project that really stands out/was your favorite/was challenging? My first few years at DAA were predominantly spent performing landfill construction quality assurance. Any project with large earthwork and heavy equipment has always interested me. The hands-on experience helped develop my understanding of construction and job-site processes.   Favorite quote or words of wisdom?   "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." [caption...

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