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One Year Later, Henrico County Virginia to Settle with EPA for Clean Water Act Violation

One year after receiving an administrative complaint from the Environmental Protection Agency, Henrico County Supervisors have settled upon an agreement that will reduce the original $164,300 penalty levied by EPA for stormwater violations. In the spring of 2010, EPA conducted an audit of Henrico's records. Based on this audit, EPA issued an administrative complaint in April 2011 seeking civil penalties amounting to $164,300 for alleged non-compliance with permit conditions. Henrico's  penalty is not far from the $177,500 maximum administrative penalty that the EPA can levy without going to federal court. Benjamin A. Thorp, an assistant county attorney for Henrico, said the penalties levied in Virginia are "part of a big push by the EPA to address stormwater runoff." Henrico is not the first Virginia locality to have been sanctioned by EPA enforcement for stormwater violations. Another Richmond area municipality, Chesterfield County was issued a $131,000 penalty for stormwater pollution. (Chesterfield and the EPA negotiated a...

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VT Stormwater Challenges Are Not Unlike VA Stormwater Challenges

As a "Bay State", Virginia is somewhat unique in the challenges that we face related to stormwater management. The watershed where we live and preservation of the Chesapeake Bay are a critical component of our daily lives and our future. Virginia is one of six (6) states (in addition to Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia) whose area comprises the more than 64,000 square miles of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Assessing, planning, funding and implementing appropriate programs for Virginia has been something that legisalators, professionals, activists and the general public have been debating for years. And in the current economy as our General Assembly prepares to convene it 2012 Session, the debate will continue. The interview which follows highlights many of the same challenges that states outside of the Chesapeake Bay have with stormwater management and the Clean Water Act - namely that funding stormwater programs and wastewater infrastructure...

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Homebuilder Receives Fine; Subjected to Enhanced Stormwater Management Requirements

One of the nation's largest homebuilders, The Ryland Group, Inc., has received a civil penalty of $625,000 to resolve alleged Clean Water Act violations at its construction sites, including sites located in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA.) Ryland will also invest in compliance programs to improve employee training and increase management oversight at all current and future construction sites. The company is required to inspect its current and future construction sites routinely to minimize stormwater runoff from sites. In addition to other terms of the agreement, Ryland is subject to additional site inspections beyond those required by stormwater regulations; and to document and promptly correct any problems detected. Read the full details of the decision on EPA's official release of the news:

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