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Stormwater Utility Approved by Roanoke City Council

Well, it’s now official – the City of Roanoke adopted a stormwater utility.   All that remains is adoption of a fee structure and a possible phasing plan for implementation of the fees.  The next questions are 1) Will the Council approve the fees as recommended by staff? and 2) Will this move stiimulate surrounding local governments to follow suit? (And how soon?)  Read more about the Roanoke City Council’s approval of the stormwater utility ordinance here...

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Charlottesville Stormwater Utility Fee Debate Continues – Decision Next Week

The City of Charlottesville has moved one step closer to implementing a stormwater utility fee.  Success in other municipalities such as the City of Staunton, who has not only implemented a fee but completed improvements utilizing the stormwater fee, has helped to make the fee option more acceptable to many citizens.  The City's stormwater fee will be a dedicated fee for stormwater infrastructure repair and replacement. Repair and replacements can help to reduce future maintenance costs. The City is looking to ensure property owners have an opportunity to discuss any disputes with City staff.  The final vote is scheduled for February 19 with a proposed fee of $1.20 per 500 square feet of impervious surface. Read more about the City's sotrmwater utility discussion at Charlottesville Tomorrow

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City Council Asks for Revisions to Proposed Stormwater Utility Program

Many municipalities are searching for ways to comply with and pay for the new requirements under the Virginia Stormwater Management Regulations by July 1, 2014.   The City of Charlottesville held a public hearing on January 22 to obtain citizen input on their proposed stormwater utility fee.  The proposed rate range is between $2.30 and $3.25 per 1,000 square feet of impervious area on the site.  The high end of the range would cover anticipated $2.5 million in expenditures in the storm water program, while the lower end would cover improvements not currently in the general fund.  The fee is proposed to be placed in the Water Resources Protection Fund and used for improvement to stormwater facilities. The improvements are needed for regulatory compliance, maintenance and drainage improvement projects. Council meeting news coverage was provided by Charlottesville Tomorrow and can be reviewed here: To learn more about the City's Water Resources Protection Program, follow this...

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Another Virginia Locality Ponders Stormwater Utility Fee

Earlier this week, members of the Falls Church City Council heard from representatives of the Public Works Department that addressing the City's stormwater infrastructure needs may require a new revenue source. The first reading of a storm water utility ordinance is scheduled for the City Council meeting of Nov. 13. Read more from the Falls Church News-Press below Read more at

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