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2014 Virginia Stormwater Legislation

For those not already following these Bills, here are links to several important legislative Bills in the 2014 Virginia General Assembly that will have an important impact on how localities as well as the general public - home and business owners as well as developers - may be impacted by ongoing changes to stormwater programs and policies in Virginia. Legislation related to the delayed implementation of VSMP Local Programs for MS4 localities: House Bill 697 (HB 697) Patron Delegates Poindexter, Helsel, Fariss, Peace and Ramadan and Senator: Stosch House Bill 1071 (HB 1071) Patron Delegate Fariss House Bill 1117 (HB 1117) Patron Delegate Wright Senate Bill 530 (SB 530) Patron Senator Hanger Other proposed stormwater legislation: Senate Bill 53 (SB 53) Patrons Senators Stuart and Smith  - Waiver of stormwater charges for places of worship House Bill 261 (HB 261) Patron Delegate Scott - Stormwater management program; regulations; single-family residence House Bill 649 (HB 649) Patron Delegate...

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