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Albemarle County’s Draft Water Protection Ordinance Advancing

Albemarle County staff have been working to meet State DEQ-mandated deadlines regarding stormwater regulations. In the coming months there will be one opportunity prior to the June 13th implementation deadline on May 15th to ask questions and provide comments to the County on how these regulations and new ordinances will affect the citizens and development community in the County. Currently, there are multiple bills in the General Assembly seeking to delay the implementation schedule so that localities can  better complete the planning process as well as receive input and feedback from their local communities. Please follow the link below to read more from Cville Magazine including viewpoints of several individuals representing organizations on various sides of the discussion. Please share your thoughts as well by commenting below.

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Albemarle County Stormwater Inspection Programs

While Albemarle County continues to consider the implementation of a stormwateer utility fee to meet mandated water quality requirements it has also prepared a draft plan to gnerate necessary revenues for additional inspections and inspectors for their construction site inspection program. The proposed fees have not yet been finalized, but Mark Graham, the county’s Director of Community Development, said that they will be designed to recover 50 percent of the county’s costs. Detailed covereage of potential fee changes are found in the attached Charlottesville Tomorrow article:

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In Charlottesville, DEQ Briefs Localities on Quality of Area Streams

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="Tara Sieber of the DEQ stands in front of a map depicting impaired streams"][/caption] The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality hired experts from Virginia Tech's Biological Systems Engineering Department to help assess the levels of pollutants in Lodge Creek, Meadow Creek, Moores Creek and Schenks Branch (all considered impaired channels by DEQ since they are not healthy environments for aquatic life) as well as throughout the watershed. How much sediment flows through Moore's Creek annually? Follow the link to Charlottesville Tommorrow's coverage to find out.

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The Shared Responsibility of TMDL Planning

As legislation continues to be deliberated by the Virginia General Assembly, local officials in central Virginia are taking some of the first steps to comply with EPA guidance. Still, many land owners- both private and public entities - contest that EPA standards unfairly impact each of them. How can we make sense of these views? The following article published in Charlottesville Tomorrow, a non-profit organization which focuses attention on growth and development issues before local government in the City of Charlottesville and the County of Albemarle published the following article citing viewpoints from the Southern Environmental Law Center, the American Farm Bureau Federation, as well as a representative from Albemarle County.

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