Synthetic Turf Fields Score Big for Schools at All Levels

Increasingly, high schools and colleges and universities around the country are investing in cutting-edge synthetic turf fields. This summer, we’re wrapping up work on three Henrico County field upgrades.


These fields boast state of the art design and technological advancements that make them safer and allow athletes to perform at a higher level. Draper Aden Associates is a leader in helping school systems and higher education institutions design and install synthetic turf sports fields, whether in a training center or outdoors.


We believe it’s important to share our expertise. That’s why Justin Cornwell and Jeff Nelson contributed a guest column to School Construction News about advancements in synthetic turf fields. They discussed the benefits of these new fields, including their durability, safety, and versatility. Read the full guest column here.


We also invite you to learn more about how these new fields can revolutionize athletics programs and how we’re helping Henrico County upgrade its high school athletic fields.