Strategy to Cut Methane Emissions Announced

Henrico County LF Gas Flare - edit smallerIn response to the Climate Action Plan – Strategy to Cut Methane Emissions unveiled this past week, the EPA will propose updated standards to reduce methane from new landfills and take public comment on whether to update standards for existing landfills. The Action plan was first addressed in June 2013 by the U.S. Administration and the methane reduction strategy component of the plan has now been released.  According to the plan, the EPA action is scheduled to occur this summer.

The EPA estimates that emissions of methane make up nearly 9 percent of all the greenhouse gases that result from human activity in the United States.  Since 1990, methane emissions in the United States have decreased by 11 percent, even as activities that can produce methane have increased.  However, EPA projects that methane emissions will increase to a level equivalent to over 620 million tons of carbon dioxide pollution in 2030 absent additional action.

Draper Aden Associates will keep you informed as these standards and proposals are developed.