SSES+ Offers a Better Way to Find and Fix Sewer Needs

Sewer systems are hidden beneath our feet and make up a tangled web of pipes that run under every city, town, and county. Just like most infrastructure that is out of sight, sewers are often out of mind for many. However, when these systems are disturbed, damaged, deteriorate, or fail, it can negatively impact the environment, create serious safety hazards, and severely disrupt daily life.

It’s no surprise then that ensuring sewer systems run properly is a critical priority for all municipalities. Now, hidden issues can no longer lurk in the shadows underground thanks to Draper Aden SSES+.

Draper Aden Associates understands the complex needs and challenges facing sewer systems. From preventive maintenance and having a holistic understanding of a system to evaluating that system and crafting rehabilitation strategies, it’s all about being proactive.

Fortunately, new technologies and tools make this job more feasible and cost effective than ever before. As a leader in providing subsurface utility engineering services, Draper Aden is once again innovating with the introduction of SSES+.

Through our partnership with RedZone Robotics and Tri-State Utilities, Draper Aden SSES+ offers the most complete package of find and fix services in the Mid-Atlantic. This new partnership gives us the flexibility to customize our approach to fit the specific needs of any system, giving clients the information needed to target critical sewer basins and maximize capital funds reserved for rehabilitation.

Draper Aden’s diverse field capabilities, interactive evaluation software, and decades of combined Sewer System Evaluation Surveys (SSES) expertise allow our team of NASSCO-certified professionals to offer a truly better way to find and fix infrastructure issues and needs. Municipalities and authorities can now have a customized understanding of their infrastructure, real-time interactive tools to evaluate assets, and a targeted rehabilitation plan to extend the life of their system.

Draper Aden SSES+ was officially unveiled at WaterJAM 2017 in Hampton, VA earlier this month. If the reception at WaterJAM is any indication, this service will have a profound and positive impact. The event’s theme – Fluid Thinking – was especially appropriate because SSES+ provides more fluid and smarter thinking when it comes to managing sewer systems.

To learn more about Draper Aden SSES+, visit our SSES+ page.