Springfield Road Landfill


Henrico County, VA

Project Manager(s)
Mike Lawless, PG

Services Provided
Construction Materials Testing
Environmental Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Stormwater Management
Waste Resource Engineering

Completion Date

Draper Aden Associates has worked with Henrico County on key components of the Springfield Road Landfill (SRLF) facility for nearly 20 years. Draper Aden Associates has successfully completed the following services for the County:

Engineering and Consulting: Draper Aden Associates has provided design, permitting, and implementation of multiple expansions and closures at the Springfield Road Landfill.

Construction and CQA Services: Henrico County utilizes its internal construction services team to provide daily inspection services for all of its construction projects.

Landfill Gas Services: Henrico County generates revenue from an agreement with a landfill gas (LFG)-to-energy vendor, Ingenco. Draper Aden Associates maintains and optimizes the LFG wellfield to maximize these resources.

Environmental and Groundwater Services: Over the years, Draper Aden Associates has successfully managed the environmental monitoring program at the Springfield Road landfill and has saved the County significant money with innovative approaches and advocating on behalf of the County to DEQ.