Our surveying team is among the most respected in Virginia and North Carolina. With eight offices in the Mid-Atlantic, we can provide surveying services for a variety of projects in a timely and cost-conscious manner.


We are guided by a set of core values. One of these is continuous improvement. We provide our staff with training and education to ensure the highest level of service and quality. Our survey capabilities range from complex heavy construction projects like municipal facilities and floodwalls to acquisition surveys for single parcel projects and everything in between.


In addition to traditional survey methods, we also offer 3D scanning and aerial solutions for complex projects.

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3D Laser Scanning


3D Laser Scanning data collection provides a level of accuracy, completeness, and efficiency that exceeds conventional techniques. This technique collects millions of data points per second, creating a point cloud. The point cloud is a true-scale 3D representation of what was scanned and can be exported into a variety of Cad or BIM based applications.


With each 360° scan taking less than eight minutes, the benefits include a 3D “picture” of the area, replacing the need for traditional survey instruments, hand sketches and measurements, and the need to manually draft drawings based on the field data. The true as-built conditions provided can be utilized by architects, structural and civil engineers, surveyors, and GIS applications.

Aerial Services


With our unmanned aerial systems (UAS), commonly known as drones, we can deliver high-resolution images and videos from your first site planning visit through your completion, as well as capture millions of data points for many applications. Read more about our aerial services, including LiDAR and thermal sensing technologies on our aerial services page.

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Sample of Services:

  • Scan-to-BIM
  • Boundary and Topographic Surveys
  • Construction Staking
  • Design/Route Surveys
  • Railroad Rights-of-Way
  • Hazardous Waste Site Surveys (OSHA Certification)
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Pipeline Surveys
  • Highway and Rapid Transit
  • Hydrographic Surveys
  • Geodetic Surveys
  • ALTA/NSPS (Land Title Surveys)
  • Flood Plain Surveys
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