Environmental Services

Protecting the environment and helping our clients comply with the many local, state, and federal environmental regulations is the core of our daily work. Whether you are a commercial or industrial business, manufacturer, developer, agricultural operator, or government entity, the Environmental Services Division at Draper Aden Associates offers a balanced approach to addressing the environmental issues that confront you. Our staff of engineers, geologists, environmental scientists, and soil scientists has the knowledge and experience to assist in effectively managing your environmental programs and projects.


We provide a number of service offerings that enhance our existing environmental capabilities. These enhanced services include environmental consulting, engineering, and remediation that includes site investigations, multimedia sampling and analysis, feasibility studies, long-term site monitoring, compliance and regulatory support, sustainability evaluations and audits, remedial design, implementation and optimization, water resources and stormwater services, and natural resource evaluations under the National Environmental Policy Act.


Our familiarity with the environmental regulations that govern operations is experience that you can rely on, in keeping your facility in good standing with regulatory agencies.

Environmental Remediation


Our award-winning environmental consulting, engineering, and remediation team partners with clients on collaborative solutions to both routine and highly complex environmental challenges. This team is recognized as an international leader and innovator in the science of in situ remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. Our expertise has saved clients millions of dollars annually!


Additionally, we manage Enviro Wiki, which makes scientific and engineering research results more accessible to the public. All articles are written and peer-reviewed by invited experts.

Solid Waste Engineering


The success of our solid waste program involves dozens of professionals that are integrated into the regulatory environment, legislative arena, and owner-operator community at every level.  From planning to design to operational assistance, our comprehensive services stem from collaboration in-house between our specialists, engineers, technicians, and scientists across many divisions.


We work with clients to implement concepts and tactics such as zero waste and sustainability programs, waste diversion, life cycle analysis, and landfill mining to extend the life of existing landfills. These approaches, coupled with creative reuse methods, help to alleviate ongoing disposal issues, making our land, rivers, and oceans cleaner for generations to come.

Portfolio Projects

Butcher Creek Landfill

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