Aerial Services

Solutions to save you time and money


We have grown our aerial services program to bring the best of technology and innovative solutions to our clients to ultimately save them time and money. The enhanced capability of aerial surveying allows us to get rich datasets, accurate deliverables and comprehensive information quicker, and often at a lower cost, than traditional methods.


With our unmanned aerial systems (UAS), commonly known as drones, we can deliver high-resolution images and videos from your first site planning visit through your completion. This monitoring, at any interval, provides detailed insights for site managers, contractors, investors and even sales teams. Final as-built conditions are ideal for project documentation and meeting your marketing and promotional goals.


Advanced capabilities have been integrated to enable structural documentation of vertical and horizontal infrastructure. Through the use of thermal sensor technology, solar panel inspections take less time and can occur more frequently. Roof and envelope inspections can be completed quickly, and more efficiently without the need for extensive scaffolding, personnel risk, and time.

man in draper aden vest flying a small unmanned aircraft or drone

A few examples of how our aviation team can help you are listed below.


Thermal Inspections:

Aerial views of solar panels created with advanced thermal sensors make it easy to spot damaged panels.


Volume Measurements:

Volume measurements can be calculated using information from aerial topography. This can be used to keep track of how much earth is being moved or track the depth of an excavation.


LiDAR Scanning:

Using fine-tuned LiDAR technology, topographic surveys can be completed almost anywhere during any time of year. Typical aerial surveys are complicated or canceled due the heavy vegetation of the summer, but LiDAR is so precise that it can measure the ground beneath a full canopy of leaves. The point cloud generated from this service can even provide a 3D model to simulate a virtual visit.

All of our pilots and operators are OSHA/MSHA trained.

We meet all local and federal regulations and carry a $5,000,000 drone liability policy with the ability to add additional insured and waiver of subrogation clauses as needed.

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