Safety is a Priority

Our Newest Position… Corporate Safety Manager

Safety is a priority for our firm. Our employees, our clients and our teaming partners depend on us to provide a safe environment in all we do. Not only do we want to meet our safety goals and requirements, we want to surpass them. To that end we have created a new position and we found the right person to fill it.

Guy R. Butts, CSP, CHMM, has over 30 years of safety and risk management and loss control experience. His professional background runs the gamut from safety consultant to corporate safety manager to national safety director for construction, transportation, and engineering.

Guy’s philosophy of “safety can be built into a project during the design and engineering phases” is the kind of continuous improvement we intend to provide. The primary goal is to complete the project on-time, within budget, and have zero injuries.

Safety is a priority. Always has been. Always will be.