Rehrig International Manufacturing Facility


Chesterfield, VA

Project Manager(s)
Mike Lawless, PG

Services Provided
Environmental Engineering

Completion Date

The Rehrig International (RI) project represents an excellent example of a technically complex remediation project involving an equally complicated array of public agencies. RI operated a nickel-chromium metal plating and plastic extrusion facility in Chesterfield County, between 2001 and 2008. In 2008, the facility was ordered to be shut down. The owner of the property subsequently entered into a Consent Agreement with EPA to remove hazardous wastes and other materials from the property.

On behalf of the Owner, Draper Aden Associates directed the EPA removal action and provided a broad spectrum of services to the facility. These services included assisting in negotiating a Removal Action Consent Agreement with EPA, serving as liaison between the owner and various local agencies, preparing inventories and assessments of hazardous wastes, managing the cleanup of the property, conducting post-closure assessment, assessing risk to human health as attributed to residual nickel in soils and groundwater beneath building, preparing Post Removal Action Final Report, assisting in negotiating Consent Agreement with DEQ Preparing, and implementing Groundwater Monitoring Plan, Exterior Soil and Sediment Assessment Plan, Quality Assurance Project Plan, Site Health and Safety Plan.

Having satisfied EPA, the Virginia DEQ imposed additional requirements on the facility. DEQ approved a plan, prepared by Draper Aden Associates, to remove chromium- and nickel-contaminated soil from an adjacent stream.