Pulaski Water Treatment Plant Upgrade


Pulaski, VA

Project Manager(s)
Charlie Kreye, PE

Services Provided
Utilities Engineering
Grant/Funding Assistance

Completion Date

Based on a Water Treatment Plant Evaluation and Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) conducted by Draper Aden Associates, the Town of Pulaski retained Draper Aden Associates to design recommended upgrades to the Town’s 4.0 MGD Water Treatment Plant. The original plant was constructed in 1951 and a prior upgrade was completed in 1989. Although the 1989 upgrade modernized certain portions of the plant, much of the original equipment remained in place. The PER recommended replacement of raw water and finished water pump systems, installation of emergency generators at the raw water pump station and at the plant, new chemical feed equipment and control systems, replacement of valves and piping in the filter gallery and a sludge dewatering facility. During design, the scope of work for the sludge dewatering was scaled back and filter media replacement was added along with increased replacement of valves and piping in the filter gallery. In addition to the concentration on mechanical equipment and process improvements, some much needed structural and architectural improvements, including roof replacement and concrete repairs, have been designed.

Draper Aden Associates also prepared and submitted a VDH funding application for this project and was successful in securing a low interest loan, which included 15% of total project costs in loan forgiveness.