Pulaski Brownfields: A Success Story

The Pulaski Brownfields project is one of our favorite examples of leaving a “Lasting Positive Impact”. Beginning in 2008, this project has brought about an exciting rejuvenation for the community. The Town envisioned developing economically challenged commercial areas into usable public, commercial, and/or residential space to encourage active sustainable reuse. With the help of DAA, a $200,000 EPA Assessment Grant was awarded and provided funds to inventory, characterize, and assess properties, and plan redevelopment of the brownfields sites.

Recently, we sat down with some key players in the project to get the full story and what it all means to them. Take a look to see all the big things happening in Pulaski!

John White, Economic Development Director, Town of Pulaski
Shawn Utt, Manager, Town of Pulaski
Peggy White, Executive Director, Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce
Lori Kroll, Community Resource Specialist, Draper Aden Associates