Wildwood Commerce Park

Draper Aden Associates provided project coordination, master planning, design, and construction phase services for approximately 117-acres, including a four-lane access road, water and sewer extensions, stormwater management, and mega-site building pad grading. In addition to civil site engineering, our services included surveying, cultural resource survey, geotechnical engineering, and environmental services, including Waters of the U.S. delineation and mitigation design. Funding for the project was provided by the Blue Ridge Crossroads Economic Development Authority, VDOT, VEDP, and the Tobacco Commission. We worked closely with these agencies to meet all funding requirements, including project cost estimating. AEP and McCallum Sweeney have certified Wildwood Commerce Park under the “Large Park” category.



Environmental Services

Geotechnical Engineering

Site/Civil Engineering



BlueRidge Crossroads EDA


Galax, VA