Town of Pulaski Brownfields

As a community service project, Draper Aden Associates worked with citizen members of the Town of Pulaski’s Economic Development Board for about a year to develop a grant proposal to fund the investigation of abandoned and deteriorating industrial sites, known as Brownfields, in the community. The grant proposal was successfully approved for expanded program funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, in the amount of $200,000. Subsequent to procurement, Draper Aden Associates was awarded a contract by the Town to begin the process of evaluating existing Brownfields sites for reuse as public facilities and/or for redevelopment as viable residential, commercial, industrial or mixed-use properties.


The project concentrated on two target areas: (1) the Historic Downtown Commercial District located near the center of Town, and (2) the Pulaski South Historical Residential and Industrial District, also known as Southside. The Town envisions developing these areas, which adjoin less affluent residential areas to the south, into usable public, commercial, and/or residential space to encourage active sustainable reuse. The $200,000 EPA Assessment Grant has provided funds to inventory, characterize, assess, and conduct cleanup and redevelopment planning and community involvement activities related to Brownfields sites.



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