Region 2000 Solid Waste Management

A partnership built for success
Virginia’s Region 2000 Local Government Council developed a list of priorities relative to regional initiatives among its participating members. One of the top priorities for the Council was the regionalization of solid waste management services. At the time, six separate landfill facilities served the region, and it was conceived that significant cost savings could be realized by the efficient operation of one facility instead of numerous facilities. Draper Aden was procured by the regional working group to follow-up on initial cost analyses, and for implementation of the regional concept. Ultimately, an Authority was formed consisting of the Cities of Lynchburg and Bedford, and Campbell, Appomattox, and Nelson Counties.


The list below summarizes the Region 2000 projects assigned to the DAA team (partial listing):

– Revisions to Solid Waste Management Plan

– Update of financial analysis

– Surveying support services

– Permit amendment for Permit #610

– CQA for Cells 6 and 7

– Design, bidding and construction phase services

– Feasibility evaluation on lateral expansions

– Evaluation of off-site borrow area for liner and/or cap soils

– Annual survey and capacity analysis

– Annual financial assurance reporting

– Operational assistance

– Environmental compliance monitoring and reporting

– Strategic planning

– Special Use application and public meeting presentations



Construction Materials Testing

Environmental Services

Funding Assistance




Virginia’s Region 2000 Local Government Council/ Region 2000 Services Authority


Lynchburg, VA