Public Utility Company System Operations Center

This project was a fast-track, design-build facility on a 70-acre site in the Richmond area. This is a high-security facility with a guard and screening station, secure parking areas, and loading facilities for deliveries and fuel supply for standby on-site power generation. The building had a footprint of just over 100,000 GSF and has redundant utility services. Also included was the four-laning of approximately 4,000 feet of an adjoining street and extensive water system improvements for the County.


Draper Aden performed surveying, structural engineering, site planning and engineering, construction stakeout, and selective construction inspections for a confidential control center. Preliminary services included the comprehensive site selection and due diligence process, evaluation of four individual parcels in two counties, preparation of due diligence studies with associated layouts, opinion of probable costs, assistance to the Public Utility Company (PUC) during the negotiations with the two counties over the two highest ranking sites, county presentations for each site, rezoning assistance/support to the PUC and their real estate attorney, and attendance at rezoning hearing.



Construction Materials Testing

Site/Civil Engineering



Henrico County, VA