Public Utility Company Underground Electric Distribution

Since 2015, Draper Aden Associates has continuously worked alongside a regional Public Utility Company and its partners to achieve the goal of converting certain existing outage-prone overhead electrical distribution lines underground to improve electric service and shorten restoration time following major storm events.


Acting as a representative for the Client, our team of experienced designers, right-of-way (ROW) agents, and surveyors work to ensure the success of each project from design start all the way through finalized construction.


When assigned a project, a designer will visit the site to document and confirm the proposed route, while simultaneously the ROW and survey teams begin to pull title research for customers and provide field mapping services for the design. After the route is confirmed and the preliminary design is finalized, easements are created, and the ROW acquisition process will begin. During the ROW acquisition process, the designer will work closely with the ROW agent to negotiate and explain any additional above ground equipment.


After negotiations are complete and easements are secured the designer will use in-house field data to complete the underground and overhead removal designs. Once plans are complete, Draper Aden performs an extensive quality control check for each design before sending it to the Client and its partners to finalize for construction. Draper Aden continues to assist the contractor after design submittal with pre-construction walk throughs, customer concerns, survey stake out, and red line design changes.


By encompassing the services listed above and by tracking progress on a weekly basis through databases and Key Performance Indicators, we can modify individual processes, evaluate efficiencies, and make process adjustments to guarantee a project delivery that will have a lasting and positive impact on our client and community.



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