Orange County Solid Waste

Successful design, construction, and monitoring.
Permitting and Design: Design and permit application preparation for the 70-acre expansion of the regional landfill serving the Towns of Chapel Hill, Carborro, and Hillsboro and Orange County were completed and approved by the State NCDEQ.


Landfill Construction Management: We provided construction management and QC/CQA services for several landfill construction projects including Eubanks Road New Subtitle D Phases 1-3 Landfill Facility, Eubanks Road Subtitle D Landfill Phase 4 Expansion, and Eubanks Road Subtitle D Landfill Closure.


Environmental and Groundwater Services: Over the years, we have successfully managed the environmental monitoring programs at the Orange County Landfill and Orange County C and D Landfill and has saved the County significant money with innovative approaches and advocating on behalf of the County to NCDEQ. Our environmental monitoring projects have included Orange County Regional Landfill: North (Closed) Facility, South Facility, and Active C and D Facility.


Convenience Center Design: After a previous design of the Eubanks Road Waste and Recycling Center was found to meet the project budget requirements, we were contracted to redesign the project to lower the overall construction costs. Draper Aden Associates completed the design and permitting of the full service waste and recycling center that could see up to 800+ customers in a single day.


Storage and Support Facilities: we provided design, permitting, and construction management for the new Recycling Bin Storage and Assembly building at the Solid Waste Department office complex on Eubanks Road.



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Construction Materials Testing

Environmental Services

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Orange County Solid Waste Department


Orange County, NC