Lee Industrial Park Projects

Draper Aden was pleased to help three different companies create a space perfect for their needs within the Thomas E. Lee Industrial Park.


Lohmann Corporation

This project included the design and construction of a 25,000 SF building to support the growth of an existing industrial facility. Design included a loading dock, utility yard, parking lot, utility installation, erosion and sediment control, an underground stormwater management facility, and planning for a future expansion.


Zamma Corporation

We provided the design and construction of a 45,000 SF addition and a separate 45,000 SF building to support Zamma’s expansion. We designed loading docks, parking lots, utilities, and erosion and sediment control. We also coordinated with the County and Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to meet stormwater management quantity requirements utilizing a regional basin that was being upgraded as a separate project.


SL Williamson Aquaphalt Plant

For the Aqualphalt Plant, we provided survey, geotechnical, and design services for the construction of a 42,000 SF manufacturing facility on the Lot 5A pad site in the Industrial Park. The roughly 7-acre project area included access drives, loading docks, a small parking lot, utility connections, erosion and sediment control, and a level spreader to satisfy stormwater management regulations.



Geotechnical Engineering

Site/Civil Engineering


Utility Locating and Mapping


Orange County, VA