City of Mebane Real Estate Development

For over 120 years, this landmark furniture manufacturing company operated in the heart of Mebane, NC. After closing operations, the historic site became prime real estate for mixed use development and downtown rejuvenation. Initially, we performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment on the property to help the developer assess his risk before proceeding. Additionally, under an Administrative Agreement (AA) with NCDENR Inactive Hazardous Sites Branch, a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) had been submitted to excavate contaminated soil and sediment. We helped the owner negotiate a new AA and managed the expedited cleanup to meet a rigid deadline for obtaining a Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) loan critical for moving the project forward.


After excavation of approximately 1,130 tons of contaminated soil, a Remedial Action Completion report was certified and submitted to the REC Program who issued a No Further Action (NFA) letter within 24 hours of report submittal. With the NFA, the client was able to close on their loan and continue with redevelopment activities at the site.



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Mebane, NC