Draper Aden Announces New Principal, Senior Associates, and Associates

Since 1972, Draper Aden Associates’ success has been thanks in large part to our experienced and dedicated team members who leave a lasting positive impact on the communities we serve. Recognizing those that truly live our values, we are pleased to announce our newly elected principal, senior associates, and associates. These team member’s share our passion for solving complex engineering challenges; adopt our commitment to exceptional client service; and embody our vision for improving the world around us.

New Principal

David Spriggs, PE

Division Manager

Structural Division

Hired at DAA in 2004

Dave has a broad background of experience in analysis and design of structural systems for industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings.  Much of his work has involved the alteration or addition to an existing building or facility, and consequently he is well versed in the complexities of integrating new structural elements into existing architectural and mechanical features.

Most Influential Project: One of Dave’s favorite projects was the Richmond International Airport Terminal Expansion. The terminal expansion project, completed in 2007 at a cost of approximately 47 million dollars, was a significant addition and renovation to the earlier terminal facility that dated back to 1927.

First Job: Now a part of key senior leadership, Dave hasn’t always been at the top. He started his career in food service at Jones Beach, NY.

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New Senior Associates

Bob Bonk, LS

Director of Innovative Surveying Services

Surveying and SUE Division

Hired at DAA in 2012

Bob is Director of Innovative Surveying Services and specializes in 3D laser scanning services.  Bob’s surveying experience encompasses 3D laser scanning, boundary and topographic surveys, design and route surveys, stake-out for numerous major construction projects, geodetic surveys, and cadastral surveys.  He has worked with a wide range of clients including private and public utility companies, state and local municipalities, land development companies, real estate firms, law firms, the Corps of Engineers, and architectural firms.

Most Influential Project: Bob’s most influential project was Roosevelt High School, our first large scale Scan to BIM project. At over 400 scans, it helped set DAA’s approach and procedures for fieldwork, processing, and modeling.

First Job: While Bob’s newest interest is DAA’s emerging drone technology, his first job was actually firmly on the ground in landscaping.

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Janet Frazier

Program Manager I

Environmental Division

Hired at DAA in 1992

Janet’s experience in environmental consulting includes conducting environmental assessments (i.e., Due diligence/Phase 1/Phase II ESAs) to support pre-acquisition property transfers.  She has extensive experience in database management, data validation and data quality assurance/quality control planning.

Most Influential Project: She has worked on many interesting projects over the years, however Janet says she has had more people influence her career than projects. In general, she has learned that it is important to be kind, exercise, be engaged, and keep learning.

First Job: For her first job out of college, she was employed by a temp agency for four weeks selling subscriptions to a video/movie rental company at a local grocery store. Describing the job, Janet says, “It was horrible, but I needed the income.” We’re happy to hear she is much happier in her current position.

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Jeff Nelson

Business Development Manager

Marketing and Business Development

Hired at DAA in 2001

Jeff helps to connect institutional and private owners to the best design/development/construction professionals. The AEC industry consistently delivers success when owners and consultants bring a similar passion to each project.

Most Influential Project: Jeff played a supportive role in Virginia Commonwealth University’s New School of Business and School of Engineering (East Hall, Snead Hall), which was probably one of the most transformative projects for VCU in recent history. DAA had done a lot of work for VCU and the VCU Real Estate Foundation to help acquire and perform due diligence of the properties prior to working with the Architectural design team. (Both national and local architects were a part of the team – four architectural firms, in fact.)

First Job: As a Business Development Manager, Jeff stays up to date on all the big news. He’s been doing that a long time since his first job as a newspaper boy!

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New Associates

tim-allen-8x10-rgb-300-dpi-2Tim Allen, PE

Senior Design Engineer

Structural Division

Hired at DAA in 2006

Tim has gained experience in analysis and design of structural systems for industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings while utilizing skills in cutting edge technology.  His work has involved the alteration, addition to existing buildings, and new construction.  Specific experience includes his design of structural steel including load and resistance factor design methods, reinforced concrete, structural wood, cold-formed metal systems, retaining walls, shallow foundations, and building investigation and evaluation.

Most Influential Project: The project that stands out for Tim the most is The Boathouse at Rocketts Landing. It was one of the first bigger out of the box projects that he was involved in, from initial site visits of a run-down structure with no roof and a lot of unknowns, to the finished product that people enjoy every day. “It was very rewarding to be involved in its transformation,” says Tim.

First Job: Fun fact, Tim’s very first job was at the Pepsi Bottling Plant.

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dan-anderson-8x10-rgb-300-dpiDan Anderson, PE

Project Engineer

Geotechnical Division

Hired at DAA in 2011

Dan is responsible for the technical performance of construction management and geotechnical engineering services, performance of subsurface explorations, field and laboratory test programs, data reduction and analysis.  He also specializes in Landfill Construction Quality Assurance and Construction Quality Control (CQA/CQC).

Most Influential Project: One of Dan’s most memorable projects was for an industrial facility in SW Virginia. It was a high profile project with numerous subcontractors, clients, and interested parties. As Dan says, “we were forcing stars to align in order to meet a changing schedule.”

First Job: In his younger years, Dan actually worked as a cart boy at a local country club.

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brent-casteele-8x10-300-dpi-rgbBrent Castelle, EIT

Design Engineer

Site Development and Infrastructure Division

Hired at DAA in 2012

Brent is an Engineer on the Blacksburg Site Development and Infrastructure team.  He is proficient in AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Revit, and many other computer drafting programs.

Most Influential Project: His most influential project was an acid sewer rehabilitation at an industrial facility in SW Virginia.  The project was broken down into 3 phases, and he considers himself fortunate enough to be involved in the study, design, and through construction of each phase.  It was a unique project because of the size of the sewer (36” diameter) and the waste stream it conveyed (acidic, pH <2).

First Job: He’s come a long way since his very first job as a cook at a restaurant called Graffiti’s.

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Tim Cretney

Chief Financial Officer

Finance and Accounting

Hired at DAA in 2016

Tim is our Chief Financial Officer and supports business strategy, execution, and growth of the company. This position supports the strategic plan of the company established by the leadership team. It includes the support of investment in employee growth, new technology, and market growth. Tim has the experience and knowledge that maintains the stewardship of the firm’s finances, (i.e. the delivery of accurate numbers, internal control, reporting, and compliance) while also focusing on the wider issues.

Most Influential Project: Tim has already made an impact in his short time here by updating our CRM system. By combining two systems he provided a more streamlined approach to tracking the Company opportunities within one database.

First Job: Tim’s first job was as a paperboy, delivering newspapers around town.

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Ted Dean, PG

Geophysical Services Team Leader

Geotechnical Division

Hired at DAA in 2016

As part of DAA’s geophysical services, Ted provides engineering geology, hydrogeology, and geophysical technologies to a broad spectrum industries, government, and the legal profession.

Most Influential Project: One of Ted’s most exciting projects was when he served as an expert witness in a litigation case in northern Virginia that led to many other “spin-off” studies regarding water usage by a municipality. “This shaped water usage and permitting for much of the county,” says Ted.


First Job: Ted’s first job, at the age of 15, was working as a groundsman for an urban tree company. Mostly dragging branches and putting them through the chipping machine.

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Mike Futrell

GIS Administrator

Environmental Division

Hired at DAA in 2001

Mike has coordinated data management and mapping efforts for numerous engineering and science projects. He routinely compiles a wide variety of information in geographic information system (GIS) platforms and creates two- and three-dimensional computer visualizations to facilitate the communication of complex relationships.

Most Influential Project: In his experience at DAA, Mike has had different projects lead to personal growths and achievements. “Some projects provide a sense of satisfaction with a built environment, while others with a research breakthrough,” stated Mike.

First Job: Mike’s first job was working for a land surveyor doing rural boundaries.

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Michael Little

Senior Project Surveyor

Surveying and SUE Division

Hired at DAA in 2012

Michael has over 20 years of surveying experience, encompassing boundary and topographic surveys, design and route surveys, GPS, and stakeout for construction projects.

Most Influential Project: The Yorktown Terminal for Plains All American was one of Michael’s most memorable projects. The Terminal was a 5 years or more project that he was involved from 2012 to 2015. He learned a lot about modeling, 3D Scanning, and construction stakeout that he hadn’t had done a lot of prior to working at DAA. Michael also noted, “We had two crews form this office and up to three crews from Richmond working five days a week just on this job. So juggling five crews and the data that was brought in from the field was exciting.”

First Job: Michael’s career at DAA is very different from his first job at Drift Wood Gardens in Newport News at their plant nursery. He was only 13 years old!

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Lutheria Smith, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

Director of Human Resources

Human Resources

Hired at DAA in 2015

As the Director of HR at DAA, Lutheria says, “We don’t sell a product. We sell services provided through our people.” Lutheria strives to have outstanding people working at DAA to provide the outstanding service and value to our clients that sets us apart from our competitors. Thus, HR’s most important focus is attracting and retaining top talent to ensure that DAA continues to make a lasting positive impact.

Most Influential Project: Lutheria considers the most important aspect of her work this year transforming the culture – working with the Culture & Communications Committee members, CEO, and COO to drive the change to a values-based culture.

First Job: Another job that taught Lutheria a lot was her first job as a babysitter to raise money for her 8th grade trip to Mexico. “I had to raise half of the fee for the trip and my parents agreed to match that amount,” say Lutheria. “In the end, they paid the entire fee for the trip because they were so proud that I worked to raise half the money.  That taught me a lesson that served as the foundation for a strong work ethic.”

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