Lynchburg Tables Fee, Approves Concept of a Stormwater Utility

Members of City Council (left to right, front) are Ceasor T. Johnson, M.RE., D.D., Ward II Representative; Joan F. Foster, At Large Representative; Michael A. Gillette, Ph.D. Ward I Representative; (2nd row left to right) J. Randolph (Randy) Nelson, At Large Representative; Turner Perrow, Jr., Ward IV Representative; Jeff S. Helgeson, MSFS, Ward III Representative; and Hunsdon “H” Cary, III, At Large Representative.

I may be beginning to sound like a broken record, but stormwater management is here to stay and the regulations keep coming to prove it!  How are municipalities going to afford to meet the requirements of the new (and future) laws and regulations?  Increase taxes or impose a fee? Pay through the general fund or a separate utility? Like Lynchburg, many communities, particularly the MS4 permit communities, have already begun the dialogue to implement a stormwater utility fee. These decisions are certainly not easy, and localities are cautious to properly assess and enact any new fees to constituents in these tough economic times.

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