Jeffrey McInnis Named Utilities Engineering Division Manager

Draper Aden Associates is pleased to announce that Jeffry A. McInnis, P.E., has been selected to assume the position of Utilities Division Manager and will oversee all water and wastewater utilities engineering services. Steering the future of utilities engineering requires a “people person” — not just someone who understands and anticipates changes in technology, regulations, economic forces and resource constraints, but also someone who can relate these aspects to your project and community. Jeff embodies all these qualities which is what makes him the perfect person to lead our Utilities Engineering division.

“Jeff is our choice in leadership to help continue the firm’s efforts in providing unsurpassed customer service to our clients,” said Jeffrey N. Lighthiser, President and CEO. “Jeff will build upon a strong history and reputation by bringing a fresh approach to new and existing clients. He has a clear and committed vision for our Utilities Engineering Division and the services we provide. I’m convinced that Jeff is the manager to lead this effort.”

A Virginia Tech alumnus who earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering and an M.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University, Jeff holds 16 years of experience in a broad range of civil and environmental projects in both the public and private sector.

As Jeff is fond of saying “the devil is in the details,” and responsiveness is key. From crafting an idea on paper to conducting the final inspection, Jeff’s proactive approach to every project guarantees a lasting positive impact in your community.