Innovative Engineering with an Impact

These days DAA is making the news all over Virginia. Most notably was this past Monday when we were featured in the November issue of Valley Business FRONT in the article Innovative engineering with an impact.

The article features one of our most notable new projects done for the Town of Pulaski. With the help of Lori Kroll, DAA Community Resource Specialist, and the DAA Environmental Team, the Town was able to win a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency, leading to renewed interest in redevelopment of the Town’s Brownfield sites. John White, Pulaski Economic Development Director, said that the site of the new Jackson Park Inn and Conference Center was “magically transformed” from its previous state. White later held his 50th high school reunion in that very spot because of what he called the “wow factor”.

For the class of 1965 and the classes to come, DAA is happy to continue making a lasting positive impact for communities like Pulaski. “Everything is interconnected”, says Cathy Hanks, DAA Communications Manager, and we truly believe that what we engineer today will impact tomorrow.

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