Innovation and Infrastructure Improvements at NC State

infrastructure improvements

(Raleigh, NC: Main Entrance Sign on November 24, 2017 at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina Photo Credit: Getty Images .)

Now that students across the country are a month into their fall semesters at their colleges and universities, they’re now even more focused on their courses or extracurricular activities and are moving seamlessly in and out of buildings. They walk along pathways, sidewalks, and through parks on campus. Yet, most students – most people on a campus, for that matter – don’t give much thought to the underlying infrastructure beneath their feet. And that’s exactly how many engineers want it to be. Keep reading to learn more about DAA’s work on infrastructure improvements for this beautiful campus!


Although it plays a crucial role, infrastructure – such as water lines, telecom cables, and other underground utilities – remain hidden. Unseen, they support the day-to-day operations of a school quietly and in the background.


In fact, many colleges and universities schedule infrastructure improvements during the brief summer break between classes. These tight timeframes create a challenging environment to enhance critical infrastructure. Fortunately for higher education institutions, Draper Aden consistently delivers!


A great example of our firm’s innovative solutions was on display during a three-week period this summer on the NC State campus in Raleigh, NC. The firm was tasked with designing and improving a major water line servicing the campus. As with many colleges and universities, this water line was a part of an aging infrastructure that needed to be upgraded. The Draper team designed and updated the line in an expedited timeline, ensuring minimal disruption to the campus.


Another unique feature for this project was the firm’s use of drones to capture aerial images of the line and help map it. Using cutting-edge technology is increasingly important for subsurface utility engineering and results in more efficient projects that take a fraction of the time.


The Draper Aden Underground team has built an impeccable reputation for delivering solutions that leverage cutting-edge technology and deep industry insight. Recognizing the firm’s enduring commitment to serving higher education institutions in the Mid-Atlantic, Draper Aden also is a thought leader in this area. Check out this recent cover story from College Planning & Management magazine related to improving aging infrastructure on college and university campuses.


As school is back in session, colleges and universities can be confident that Draper Aden’s solutions will help them ace the aging infrastructure test.