Employee Spotlight: EJ Wilson

At DAA, we are overflowing with exceptional employees and each month we like to choose one to highlight. You can also check back next month to see who is featured in the employee spotlight! This week we are featuring EJ Wilson, Business Development Manager.

 EJ Wilson


Hometown: Emporia, VA

Alma Mater: The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Birthday: October 28

Tell us a little about your background. Our viewers may not be aware that you are the EJ Wilson. So, talk to us a little bit about your experience in the NFL.
I was a 4th round draft pick of the Seattle Seahawks in the 2010 NFL Draft after lettering in 4 seasons playing for the Tar Heels. I also spent years playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before an Achilles injury derailed my career. Although it meant the premature ending of my playing career, my injury taught me a lot about myself and helped me to develop the resiliency that has helped me more in my life than playing football would have.

EJ Wilson
EJ Wilson


What inspired you most about joining Draper Aden Associates?
The opportunity to be part of a company that celebrates and encourages collaboration and where every division and staff member works together to achieve a common goal, to position Draper Aden Associates as a leader in the industry.


In the 3 weeks you’ve been with the firm, what 3 words would you use to describe working at DAA?
Family-oriented, Rewarding, Inclusive


What are you looking forward to in your new role as Business Development Manager?
The opportunity to develop new relationships and foster existing relationships. I am also looking forward to making a lasting, positive impact on my adopted home state of North Carolina.


What is one of the firm’s core values that resonates most with you and why?
Collaboration. After being a part of many different teams and organizations, I understand the importance of everyone being on one accord and combining their respective talents and expertise to make sure that everyone in the Draper Aden family achieves success.


What words of wisdom do you live by?
“To get something you have never had, you must do things that you have never done”. In order to break through “the glass ceiling”, there are certain sacrifices you have to make in combination with hard work. Some things may be uncomfortable, but I believe that growth, both personally and professionally, starts outside of the comfort zone.


We have to ask, do you have a favorite sports team?
UNC Tar Heel Football/Basketball and the Boston Red Sox


What TV show, movie, and/or book are you hooked on right now?
Insecure (TV Show) and Shameless (TV show)


Have you been on a recent vacation or trip that you loved?
Jamaica!!! I went at the end of August.

EJ WilsonEJ Wilson


What was the first concert you ever attended?
Destiny’s Child. No, I did not buy the tickets myself, lol.


Is there something you do or like that would surprise people?
I love world and US History, particularly WWII.


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