Gypsy Hill ESAs


Staunton, VA

Project Manager(s)
Mike Lawless, PG

Services Provided
Environmental Engineering
Grant/Funding Assistance

Completion Date

Draper Aden Associates assisted the City of Staunton towards their goal of restoring Peyton Creek in Staunton, Virginia to improve the creek’s water quality, strengthen the City’s green infrastructure, encourage desirable redevelopment, provide scenic areas and conserve natural resources. Draper Aden Associates performed Phase I and Phase II ESAs on a portion of the project area known as Gypsy Hill Place where Peyton Creek flows through buried piping. The ESA evaluated the environmental condition of the subject site and provided recommendations for management of identified fill material. The ESA work was completed under a VEDP/DEQ grant, which Draper Aden Associates assisted the City in obtaining. Additionally, Draper Aden Associates provided topographic survey and base mapping.