Great Resource for UST Owners

UST2There are new updates coming out of the DEQ SRR Program. If you are an owner and/or operator of a UST facility in Virginia you can use TurboTank to assist you. Read more about TurboTank in this post from the Virginia DEQ Petroleum Program News:

TurboTank is DEQ’s online Self Certification System for regulated underground storage tanks (USTs). There are approximately 18,000 active USTs at about 6,000 UST facilities in Virginia. Turbotank is designed for the owners and operators of regulated UST facilities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Turbotank is a helpful tool to assist you, as a UST owner or operator, in learning about UST pollution prevention requirements as they may pertain to your particular UST facility. The UST Program seeks to prevent USTs from leaking by asking owners to maintain tank spill prevention, tank overfill protection, corrosion protection on tanks and piping, release detection for tanks and piping, operator training certification, and financial responsibility. To use the system you must obtain an UST Owner ID from the DEQ staff from the Regional Office nearest you.

Contact your nearest regional DEQ office for more information.