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Grayson Highlands State Park

Snakes, bees, inclement weather, rough terrain; sometimes you can run into some pretty challenging things when working in the field. On the other hand, you can experience some pretty neat things such as wild ponies and spectacular scenery, as our environmental team did recently while working in Grayson Highlands State Park.

The park is located in Mouth of Wilson, VA, the far southwest of the Commonwealth bordering North Carolina. It is comprised of just over 4,500 acres and offers views of the highest peaks in Virginia. Wild ponies were introduced to the park in 1974 to prevent reforestation of the highland balds.


Moonrise at Grayson Highland State Park

Moonrise at Grayson Highland State Park









The ponies kept a close eye on our environmental scientists while they conducted a geophysical survey in order to help solve a water shortage at the Hickory Ridge Campground in the park. Draper Aden Associates was retained by Racey Engineering to identify solutions for the shortage.

A new well is being considered and using information from a geophysical survey can be the difference between a dry hole and a great well. Without all possible information, wells may be drilled, only to yield a fraction of the water needed, if any at all. Subsurface information will be used to finalize the selected drilling location.

ponies2 - Copy

Wilburn Ridge

Wilburn Ridge









The park’s shaggy “supervisors” oversaw the project from a distance and there’s nothing like working under constant surveillance to keep you on your toes!