From the VA Governor’s Task Force to Green Roofs: Recent Stormwater News

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VA Governor’s Task Force Sizing Up Stormwater Regulations

Stormwater Design (2)Last month, the Governor’s Task Force for Local Government Mandate Review set its sight on assessing Virginia’s stormwater program, particularly regarding its financial and administrative impacts on local governments. Presentations from the Department of Environmental Quality, local erosion and sediment control program representatives, and the Department of Planning and Budget (DPB) addressed plans to improve the program, the confusing nature of some mandates, and how the DPB is currently evaluating financial impacts of stormwater regulations on localities. The Task Force will reconvene in September to finalize recommendations. To read more about June’s meeting, visit VACO’s coverage of the Task Force.

Charlottesville Drafts Total Maximium Daily Load Allocation Plan

Cville Logo“The city of Charlottesville has completed a draft Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load Action Plan.

This plan is a required component of the city’s General Permit for Discharges of Stormwater from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System, which is a permit issued by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

The draft plan is open for public consideration and comment from June 30 to July 31.”

To view the plan and to provide comments for consideration, visit NewsPlex for more details.

Developers Turn to Green Roofs for Stormwater Control in Australia

Across the globe and in another hemisphere, local governments are facing many of the same stormwater challenges as those in Virginia. To combat stormwater runoff and its accompanying fees, developers in Australia are turning to green roofs for affordable and sustainable solutions. With the hope of absorbing 10 mm of rainfall per storm event, developers and environmental scientists aim to show that green roofs can not only protect waterways from contaminated runoff, but also contribute to community green space in confined urban areas. Read more about these green roofs at Sourcable.